Quicken online login

Quicken is a much-refined accounting tool meant for keeping the financial as well as non-financial records of the users up to date. Quicken is used to keep a record of all the transactions of the user. The user just needs to purchase the annual or monthly subscription. The user needs to sign up and log in to their Quicken accounting software through the Quicken ID which gets generated itself while creating the Quicken account. Quicken has many membership plans for all the customers according to their accounting needs.

Quicken plans and memberships

Quicken has various membership plans for its users that are designed according to the specific needs of the customers. Some of the membership plans from Quicken are listed below. You can select from the below-mentioned plans.

  • Quicken starter plan
  • Quicken deluxe plan
  • Quicken Premier plan
  • Quicken Home and Business property rental plan

Quicken starter plan

The Quicken starter plan is the basic introductory plan from Quicken which allows the user to use only a few features of Quicken to be used. The starter plan subscribers can have the following features in their Quicken software.

  • View all the accounts balances i.e. savings, credit accounts etc.
  • Creating budgets to track the income and expenses
  • The Pie charts and bar graphs for easy expense categorizing
  • Export the data directly to excel sheets

Quicken deluxe plan

  • Customize the budget according to the need
  • Debt management (tracking)
  • Checks how much have you saved

Quicken Premier plan

  • Online Bill payment
  • High priority access to the Quicken Premier customers (24*7)
  • Includes the taxes and investment plans

Quicken Home and Business rental plan

The Quicken home and business plan include all the features that are in the preceding plans. This means the features in all the previous plans will be included in the consecutive plan. Moreover, the distinctive and exclusive features of Quicken Home and business plans are as follows.

  • Categorize your personal and business accounts separately
  • Create and send the customized invoices to the tenants and the debtors
  • View your business’s profit and loss at a single click.

Getting started with the Quicken online

The users need to perform the Quicken online login to get started with their Quicken accounting tool. Quicken accounting tool is the most user-friendly bookkeeping/accounting tool. Here in this section of the page, we will let you know about the easy access of the Quicken online accounting.

Activating the Quicken membership through quicken.com

Assuming that you have already purchased the required Quicken subscription from the web address of Quicken i.e. http://quicken.com, the purchase of the Quicken subscription is only possible after you have created a Quicken ID.

To generate a Quicken ID, you will need to sign up with your personal details on the Quicken “create account” section.

quicken login

This Quicken ID is associated with your quicken login subscription and you will need to sign in the quicken login accounting tool through this Quicken ID and a password.

After you have successfully signed in your Quicken for the first time, your quicken login membership is activated.

Activating the Quicken login membership purchased from the retailer (CD box/ download)

  • Sign up with your personal details like the email address (Quicken ID)
  • Enter the mobile number and the password.


Note- It is recommended that you should set a complex password that contains upper/lower case letters, special symbols etc.

  • Then you will see the activation window and click on the “begin activation” tab.
  • Enter the activation license key in the follow-up screen and your quicken login membership will be activated in no time.
  • Quicken profile setup
  • Once you are done with your membership activation. Proceed on with your Quicken profile creation and updating.
  • Fill in all the details regarding your Quicken software like “where did you buy quicken”, “is this your first time using quicken”, “name”, “address” etc.
  • After filling in all the mandatory information regarding the user details, move on to the option of syncing the data.
  • The next step will be the syncing of the data to your phone. The user has the option to select whether or not to synchronize the Quicken data to the user’s smartphone.
  • You can also select the option of syncing the data to the mobile phone at a later stage.

Setting up your first quicken login account

There are basically three types of account management in Quicken. These are listed below.

Primary accounts

Savings and expense

Investment and retirement

Property and Debt

Property and Assets

Loans and Debts

Business accounting


Billing and payments etc

  • The above-mentioned types and subtypes of the accounts and accounting will give you the perfect idea for setting up your first Quicken account. Just go through the above-mentioned types of accounting to select which type of accounting you need to do according to your requirements.
  • The last step is to add a bank account to your quicken login account.
  • Select your financial institution which you use the most. You can add several bank accounts to a single Quicken account also.
  • Select your bank (financial institution) from the list of banks. If your bank is not listed, then enter the bank’s name manually and Quicken will contact your bank to verify your account. This can take some time but it will be done as soon as the clearance is completed from both the ends.
  • Now, you will need to select one of the two bank connection methods i.e.


Express connect

Direct connect

Express connect method- The Express connect method lets Quicken login to automatically track the transactions from your bank and update in the quicken login account itself within seconds. This is a one-way communication only. View all the updated balances through this connection method.

Direct connect method- In the Direct connect method Quicken login needs you to authorize it for two way communication. This means that quicken login can show you the updated balances of your accounts. Quicken can further pay for your bills and other dues on your behalf by contacting your financial institution.

The advantages of Direct connect method

  • The Direct connect method has a great advantage as the user don’t need to worry about paying the monthly/week dues by himself. quicken login will do this job for the user.
  • Save more by cutting the losses. This implies that the user who was paying the late payment fines for not paying the dues on time will now have all the dues cleared before the due dates. Hence saving a good amount of money

Now, click the connect tab and your bank account will be linked to your Quicken account successfully. Moreover, you can set a nickname for your account that will be shown in the list of transactions.

Adding more than one account in Quicken

After you have successfully added the primary account in Quicken profile, you can also set several consecutive accounts in your Quicken accounts.

Follow the step by step process to understand how you can add multiple business/personal accounts in your Quicken login account.

  • Click on the account bar and then click on the Add account tab.
  • You can also add the account by clicking the + sign under the account tab.
  • After clicking the Add account or “+” sign under the accounts tab, perform rest of eth operation as mentioned earlier above.
  • Select the account type by interpreting the usage of accounts.
  • Add the bank account with your Quicken account and enable one of the connect method i.e. either Direct connect or Express connect method.
  • Follow rest of the instructions on the screen to successfully use and add the consecutive business/personal account.